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Mail Notification Tools for
Virtual Offices and Mailbox
Rental Stores

It's time to give your customers a
notification solution with one click.

Mailbox and Customer Management tools with
Email and SMS notifications

Manage your customers accounts from the web

No software to install. Access your system online from anywhere using any browser.

Account Expiry Notifications

Our system notifies your customers in advance when their service is expiring.

Save time from checking mailboxes for customers

Customers shouldn't have to call you to check their box.

Identify and notify with your wireless barcode scanner

For larger locations, simplify identification and notification with bar code labels.

Notify customers through email

When customers receive mail, notify them with an email at the click of a button.

Notify customers through SMS

Customers who prefer SMS will love your quick messages on their cell phone.

Your phone line isn't meant for mail checking

Typing up an email to each customer is inefficient

Manage your customers with software tailored for your business

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