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Managing your mailbox rentals and customers hasn't been easier

Our system kicks into full gear starting with your first customer. You simply,

1 - Create your mailbox grid
2 - Add the customer's information
3 - Include service start and end time
4 - Choose notification method (if required)

and you're done. There are more options available to you in the Customer Management and Administration area, such as Reporting and setting a barcode standard.

Let customers know they received mail, at the click of a button

Our notification system is easy to use, and we're positive that you'll be an expert after a few minutes. When mail is delivered to your location, click on each mailbox that received mail, and press the notify button. It's that simple!


No Hardware. No Sensors.

When we say we seamlessly integrate with your existing setup, we really mean it. There's no sense in having hardware sensors in each mailbox, along with a receiver. It just adds another layer of complexity that you don't need.

To get started with our notification system, you only need a computer with an internet connection. We provide you with a username and password and you can begin to create your profile and start managing and notifying your customers right away.

Rich User Interface

Our user interface is probably the coolest thing since email. You've already gotten use to the mailboxes in your location and where each mailbox is located. Why not setup the same grid online? The transition from offline to online should be effortless.

Barcode Scanner Control

Sometimes, the user interface isn't enough when you have hundreds of mailboxes. Interacting with the system is made even simpler when you add on a barcode scanner. Just place your cursor at the barcode input box, and scan away. With each barcode scanned, the mailbox on the interface will be highlight, just as though you were on the computer using your mouse.

Secure Connection

The security of your personal information is our primary concern. Our system only runs on a secure connection so that your information stays safe.